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Is it really possible to travel the world with the kids during school holidays, or should you just give up and wait until they’ve flown the nest?

We decided that we’d try and travel the world with the kids. After having several friends die at a young age (what I consider to be young obviously changes, the older I get – but these were friends in their forties) I decided that I was no longer content with waiting until some mystical point in time where all of my ducks were lined up, the star were in perfect alignment, yada yada. No – life is short and it’s for living. For taking by the horns and seeing how much you can do and how far you can go, how much you can see and fill into the lifespan you have. Because none of us knows how long that will be.

Guiding My Tribe All Over The Globe 

This is the blog of a family of four and our erstwhile travels outside of the UK on self-organised trips to some wonderful places.

I always tell friends that we travel in four dimensions and you may question my terminology but honestly – we are four completely different people and it’s like we all experience the same period of time in the same place but in totally different ways. For example, ask my 7yr old about the Ancient ruins in Turkey and she’ll tell you that there was a funny smell at the top, but the middle bit of the climb smelled nicer. Ask me and the climb was worth it for the stunning view of the past, my husband will tell you that the boats looked pretty great from that elevation and my 14yr old – well, she generally grunts incoherent words at most things and extreme excitement sounds like ‘mmm’ instead of ‘huh’.

But I’m a firm believer that wherever you go in this fabulous world, there is something for everyone and we are in fact the living embodiment of that belief.

So please enjoy our travels – our tips and maybe some of our (my) disasters … I’m renowned for visiting A&E departments all over the globe on account of my clumsiness. But most of all – as I used to be a commercial photographer – I hope you enjoy our photos of some truly beautiful places, albeit low resolution so the pages load quickly ;).

My Time

  1. Working to Fund Wanderlust 95%
  2. Photography 90%
  3. Persuading Family of Next Destination Suitability 70%
  4. Travelling 50%
  5. Drinking Wine 50%
  6. Dreaming 30%

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