China – Day One: Shanghai

Shanghai Travel Kids? We’re on it, baby!  – Apr 8 2017

Cannot believe how lucky we have been with the weather today, given yesterday’s weather (severe rain). Oh, and also tomorrow’s weather …more severe rain.  We arrived fresh off the overnight flight from Heathrow and into the world’s second largest megacity. Just 28 million inhabitants. And us.

We always try to see the city on the way in and the 400kmph Maglev train wouldn’t have allowed us that luxury. So we hired a guide for Shanghai (details available, message me) who drove us to our hotel in the centre of the city. Not only that, but he also gave us history lessons as well, which is another huge bonus of doing it this way.

We checked in, dumped bags, changed clothes and exited the hotel again within an hour of checking-in. We were straight out into the city and onto the subway. It was super-easy to use with signs in English, which we hadn’t necessarily expected from a lot of reports online. Ensued, a four-hour walk around the Bund area, then to Yuyan Gardens which are stunning. Indulged in people-watching, sight-seeing and generally getting with the vibe of the city. Our conclusion is that it is very Westernised.

Golden Rule?

The kids were actually pretty great and adhered to my golden rule of ‘never go to bed before 8pm local time’ and I think we all made it until about 10pm in the end. So we should adjust pretty quickly to the time zone change (GMT +8hrs or BST +7hrs).

If you want to join our very excitable China Travel Kids, keep following as I’ll be posting our adventures and pictures every day! For now, here are the photos from our walkabout on Day One.


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