China – Day Two: Child Friendly Shanghai Walking Tour

Our vision of a child friendly Shanghai walking tour after a rather drizzly day spent inside at the markets and museums was a little overwhelming. But what followed was in fact a spectacular evening and dry weather (if a little blinking freezing!).

We opted for a child friendly Shanghai walking tour at night so that we could really get under the hood of this city and see places so often missed when you tour by other means.

All Over The Place

First of all, our guide took us to several people’s squares. This gave us the opportunity to see people congregate after work for a bit of Tai-Chi or just to relax and have tea. Next, a visit to the very ebullient and lively night-markets back at Yu Gardens. We found the food sections particularly fun.  Almost inevitably, we weren’t alone in enjoying these markets. Many locals were there, dining with friends. Something that’s always lovely to see as it gives such a cultural insight. We went on the ferry, just so that we could cross the river and get to see the skyline in its’ magnificence at night.  After, we also went to viewpoints known best to locals and our guide recommended a fantastic restaurant too. Luckily for the youngers of the tribe, the restaurant was a strictly rice and meat dish affair. Consequently, no insects to be seen anywhere. 

Miss GMT#1 enjoyed the photography opportunities like her Mama. Miss GMT#2 was having fun sitting on Mr GMT’s shoulders, seeing way above everyone else’s heads at the night market. Mr GMT and I were just thankful that the rain had stopped. Even if it was a little chilly on the ferry in the breeze. 

We’ll all sleep well tonight as we ended up walking about 7km, but we’ve got a jam-packed day tomorrow going out to a temple, then to a water village before flying on to Guilin.

To see our first temple visit click here for Day 3 in China!

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