Kid’s-eye view of going to China on holiday

This is my Kid’s-eye view of going to china on holiday written by a kid, for kids.


Hello, my name is Miss GMT2 and I’m 8 years old. I’m not actually called that but Mum won’t let me write my name on the internet.

We recently went on a 15 or 16 day trip to China and visited a lot of places and did a lot of things. So Mum asked me to do a report on China so that other kids could read it. I’m also going to do a gallery of my favourite photos.

So, my Five Favourite Things:

  1. Panda research centre – Chengdu
  2. The Great wall of China – Beijing
  3. Rice Terraces – Guilin
  4. Terracotta warriors – Xian
  5. The Cormorant fisherman – Guilin

Next, my Least Favourite Things:

  1. Chinese driving – bit scary, close your eyes
  2. People asking for selfies – annoying
  3. Spitting in the street – yuck
  4. Millipedes on sticks and street food like that – disgusting
  5. Noisy conversations everywhere – too loud

My Favourite Place

My favourite place in China was The Great Wall of China near Beijing. I didn’t expect it to be much fun but actually there were no people there because Mum made us get up so early. That meant I could do cartwheels along the wall, which was fun. It was a great view of all the mountains and at places along the wall, there were little turrets that you could go up and spy on all the people below. This must have been for soldiers keeping guard. But best of all was the way we got down from the wall. We went by toboggan !!! It was great fun and Dad went pretty quickly and made me laugh.

How It felt in China:

China felt very different to my home in England. The sounds were all different. People speak very loudly in China and very fast too. There were a lot of people and we don’t see that many where we live in the countryside. Most people live in Cities or very big towns, although we did go to a few villages which was nice. Mainly these were up in the mountains near the rice terraces and that felt more like home. I loved the funny cars and electric scooters that we saw. Everyone seems to buy an electric scooter or a moped and then they build things on top of it. It’s probably not very safe but it’s very funny to see them all.

At night time in China, everything gets EVEN noisier ! The shops all have music on speakers and their staff have loud speakers to shout the bargains out to shoppers. It is SO noisy.

The pretty thing about night time in China is that everything lights up in a rainbow of colours and looks very beautiful.

Favourite Photos

Here are my favourite Photos from China 🙂

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    Lucy Hopkins May 29, 2017 (3:06 pm)

    amazing miss gmt2 i love your adventures I am nine and I am from England but I am living in Germany

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    Livvy August 6, 2017 (2:39 pm)

    Great writing and your adventures sound really fun, when I go to China I will make sure to stay clear of the roads!

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    RoyalCBD September 28, 2020 (6:32 pm)

    olSP8Q Thanks so much for the article post. Really Great.