China – Night Four, Guilin: A Chinese City at Night with Kids

I tried to Google and research what a provincial Chinese city at night with kids was like. There were no really definitive answers. I’m therefore posting this in the hope that it helps someone who may have the same questions as I did. Is it safe? 

First of all, they are all quite different but there are some definite similarities between a lot of them and that’s what I’m going to focus on, by using Guilin as a good example.

Guilin is a fun city, with beautiful Sun and Moon Pagodas lit up in Gold and Silver in the central lake.


The restaurants are very busy with keen locals and mostly have no menus that a westerner could understand. Some have pictures and I’d advise going for those. It’s the only hope you stand of ordering something that you would like to eat, unless you speak Mandarin fluently.


It is ridiculously noisy in every street with every retailer of any kind of goods or service playing music outside their shop, loudhalers announcing bargains of the century, etc, etc. WAY noisier than Shanghai!

So that’s my quick synopsis of a chinese city at night. I’m delighted we’re staying on the quiet side of the river in a botanical garden hotel because it’s an opt-out for when it gets too much. Very fun and vibrant place, but we all ended up in fits of giggles at the assault on our ears. Don’t ever get a migraine in Guilin 😂 (and I haven’t, thank God!).

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