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China – Day Four: Karst Climbing Kids

Yangshuo, Xingping and the Karst Framed Li River - a UNESCO World Heritage site. In this area of China over fifty percent of days in all seasons are so misty, you see no view at all. And no, it’s not pollution - it’s just the way the land ...

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China – Day Nine: Dujiangyan Ancient Waterway Visit

Culture Sulk! We got brave today and split up, meeting back up at the airport. At the thought of the Dujiangyan ancient waterway visit (yet another UNESCO!), Miss GMT#2 had a meltdown. So Daddy kindly decided to give Miss GMT#2 a bit of a culture ...

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China – Day Eleven: Yuntaishan Geopark in a Day

Yuntaishan Geopark in a day? Yes - it can be done and yes, it is absolutely worth it. I'd wholly recommend trying to accommodate it in your itinerary. And is it suitable for kids? Again - yes. Yes, yes, yes !!! Bullet Train We travelled early ...

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